Rapidly Upskill 
Spoken Technical Skills

"Empowering Skilled Immigration:
A Solution for Workforce
Shortages in Manufacturing

CNC Machinists & Operators

One of our innovative solutions is helping trainees, skilled immigrants and underrepresented people access quality CNC positions by developing their communication competency in technical terms and scenarios.

This solution proved to be so effective in improving communication skills that it was adopted by major manufacturer in Ontario to significantly boost productivity and communication efficiency on the shop floor.

CNC Machinists & Operators

AceLingo, we are proud to showcase the success of our Virtual Humans in facilitating rapid and effective CNC terminology training for new immigrants.

Our immersive and interactive platform provides learners with a unique opportunity to enhance their communication skills specific to the CNC industry.

CNC Machinists & Operators

Through our program, new immigrants are able to:

1. Practice CNC-related English skills: Our Virtual Humans simulate real-life scenarios, allowing learners to practice CNC-related English skills in a safe and supportive environment.

2. Comprehend instructions: Learners gain the ability to understand and follow complex instructions commonly used in the CNC industry, improving their overall comprehension and job performance.

3. Ask for assistance: Effective communication is crucial in any workplace, and our program empowers learners to confidently ask for assistance when faced with challenges or questions.

4. Discuss issues: Learners develop the skills to engage in discussions about various CNC-related topics, contributing to more effective problem-solving and collaboration within the industry.

5. Respond to technical queries: With our program, learners gain the language proficiency necessary to respond to technical queries and communicate effectively with colleagues, supervisors, and clients.

Measurable Outcomes

The results of this case study speak volumes about the impact of AceLingo's approach. Participants experience improved concentration, accelerated learning, and higher information retention, all of which contribute to their successful integration into the workforce and their ability to excel in their chosen field.

AceLingo's commitment to empowering individuals through language and communication skills training is evident in the tangible benefits observed in this case study. We continue to strive towards creating innovative and effective solutions that enable new immigrants to thrive in their professional endeavors.

Our Approach

At AceLingo, education isn't one-size-fits-all. 

As a trained educator, our approach is always focused on defining key objectives, designing engaging and relevant training simulations, and most importantly, measuring outcomes to demonstrate competency.

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